Your Horse

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How to evaluate your horse’s requirement?


You have to know:

Horses on artificial bedding (shavings, flax, etc.) No straw in the stable for the horses to feed on (less chewing activity; risk of cellulose deficiency, etc.)

  • Provide larger quantities of hay: 7 to 8 kg per day
  • Choose a combined feed with a safe formula in terms of protein/cellulose balance (S 100, S 200, S 250)

How to evaluate nutritional content? Nutritional content in the basic ration excluding combined feeds:

  • Type of basic ration (straw, hay, cereals, grass)
  • Characteristics (hay quality, grass composition (seasonal effect)
  • Exact quantities ingested

Nutritional content to be sourced from combined feeds in order to supplement the basic ration:

Typical ration calculation:

Horses weighing 500 kg, undergoing moderate work: 1 to 2 hours a day, walking, trotting, cantering, require: 7.5 EFU 480 g of EDNM 10 to 12 kg of DM