The Saga

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For almost 50 years, ROYAL HORSE has been striving to offer the best of equine nutrition worldwide.

Passing through the “Régiment de la Garde Républicaine de France” and the Brazilian gauchos, to the national team of jumps of Indonesia and numerous world riders, without forgetting the regional and breeders.

1972 – Launch of “Tradition”, the first food in flakes for horses, created in collaboration with the French riding school (ENE) of Saumur.

1989 – Creation of “Team Royal Horse” with Michel Robert as principal partner.

1990 – Introduction of the Bioregulator of the intestinal flora. Paciflor through the ROYAL HORSE product line and the first partner outside of Europe, Brazil. (With the aim of promoting good digestion of horses).

2001 – Introduction of the MOS (Bioregulator of the intestinal flora in the ROYAL HORSE product line). The company confirms its decision to extend the presence of ROYAL HORSE in the French market and reinforce its expertise in equine nutrition. Many riders of the ROYAL HORSE Team that practice dressage, complete competitions, endurance and other disciplines have our feed to participate in the high level competitions: European Eventing Championship, World Equestrian Games, Olympic Games, etc.

2009 – Research of different types of fatty plants for equine nutrition to support competition horses (new source of energy to supplement the energy value of cereals).

2011 – Research on the welfare and development of solutions to prevent ulcers (one of the most important diseases affecting horses).

2013 – Launch of the new ROYAL HORSE product line and development of the brand outside of Europe, with new factories in Mexico and new distribution areas in Europe.

2014 – Research on the recovery of horses after the effort and launch of the antioxidant AOelite resulting from a mixture of plants, designed to help the elimination of toxins.

2014 – Roger Yves Bost and Philippe Rozier, pillars of the Royal Horse Team, are crowned Olympic Champions in the Rio games. The same year, the brand extended to the Asian continent, in Vietnam and Indonesia. Acquiring a role in the digital revolution, the brand is associated with the start-up Equisense.

2017 – To meet the needs of customers, the brand launches the first App in the equine nutrition sector.

Launch of an active ingredient GWB (Gastri Wall Builder) to prevent gastric problems of the horse