The Pledge

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The Royal Horse pledge

Horses have a fragile digestive system and the conditions in which they have evolved with humans is different from what we can find in nature.

Royal Horse is committed to creating the best food and concentrates its efforts to ensure the welfare, health and performance of the horse.

The expertise of the brand is reflected specifically in their products thanks to the series of nutritional innovations, active ingredients and raw materials carefully selected to meet the needs of each horse, whatever their activity.

M.O.S. for protecting intestinal flora

The entire ROYAL HORSE range is supplemented with MOS (mannanoligosaccharides), prebiotics that act as regulators of the intestinal flora to ensure the safety of intestinal transit and avoid digestive problems.

Our foods are formulated with hemicellulose levels (highly digestible fibers) high to improve the digestive comfort of horses and ensure a better energy intake.

Moderate contents of starch (<29%) to avoid digestive problems.

A perfect ionic balance thanks to CAB

An important concept is the ionic balance. It is the relationship between different electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, etc.) and the water contained in the body.

The ionic balance diet is important during muscular effort because the balance is disturbed by the phenomenon of sweating (hyperionic sweat) and the production of lactic acid that accompanies it. In the case of a bad ion balance, the pulses of the horse will increase during the exercise, which will diminish a rapid recovery.

The cation / anion balance of the ROYAL HORSE feeds slows the lactic acid effect through a compensation of the ion loss.

Performance supported by L-carnitine

L-carnitine to promote physical tone and recovery.

Carnitine is a component obtained from the biosynthesis of lysine (LYS) and methionine (MET). Carnitine has two stereoisomers. It acts within the cell to transport fatty acids during lipid catabolism in energy metabolism.

During growth and gestation, carnitine needs can go up. Royal Horse feed is enriched with L-carnitine to promote the conversion of fat into energy and improve horse resistance during competition.

Another advantage for breeders is the improvement of reproduction through action on spermatogenesis and specifically on the mobility of sperm. It ensures the formation of muscle fibers in the fetus and fetal maturation, in addition to supporting the immune defense.

High quality proteins

The protein represents around 20% of the weight of the horse (whose 50% are muscles). These proteins are constantly degraded, hence the importance of giving protein with high synthesis power to your horse.

Amino acids are molecules that make up the protein when combined. Also, they have other roles such as the formation and growth of muscles, for example. It works as fuel for the growth of the muscles after the effort. Some may be produced by the body and others may not. Horses do not produce lysine and sulfur. These amino acids are present in Royal Horse feed.

To guarantee a high level of quality proteins, the entire Royal Horse product line is enriched with LYS, MET and CYS amino acids.